Snakes Control

Snakes Control

This service was designed as a preventative measure to stop snakes from entering your premises. It is not a lethal chemical, but more of a repellant that is applied on the surfaces and periphery of the structure, acting as a barrier to entry.

An integral aspect of all operations is the initiative and co-operation of local residents, We bring Snake Control services for our esteemed customers.

It is very important to remove the snakes instantly from the vicinity of humans as these are highly dangerous and poisonous creatures. This service is provided with the help of chemicals and gum trap.

Service Offerings

  • Snake affected site and surrounding areas
  • Humane, Economical, Eco-Friendly and Durable methods of controlling these pests
  • Polyethylene netting with suspension system
  • Chemical, Non-Chemical & Biological Adult/Larvae Snake control methods
  • Unique track-system that is the most discreet
  • Blunt tips don't hurt the Snake