Termite Pest Control

Termite Pest Control

We offer an effective range of preventive service of termite control. These services are designed to stop the termite from incurring damages to the walls, household articles which live underground. These insects enter the human dwellings and make damages to the documents, valuable property, furniture & furnishings as well as anything that contains cellulose.

Breeding underground in the soil, these insects destroy essential accessories without making people aware of the loss. Our preventive measures include pest control services which protect the articles from damages and loss.

Pre Construction Termite Control Services

Pre Construction Termite Control

We provide pre construction termite control services, termite control services and anti termite soil treatment in which we offer services to protect the valuable articles from the damages incurred by the tiny insects. Pre construction termite control services are very effective which works through injecting chemicals under the ground.

Post Construction Termite Control Services

Post Construction Termite Control

We are engaged in providing post construction termite control services which are delivered to the clients as per their needs. Consists of various preventive measures these services are effective in protecting the valuable articles from harmful but small insects and parasites. Available in a cost competitive price these services are delivered within defined time frame.

Dry Wood Termite Treatment Services

Dry Wood Termite Treatment

Drywood termites are notorious for their capability to completely damage wooden items and furniture.Drywood termite infestations can be controlled either by using whole house treatment or spot treatment. Whole house treatment becomes necessary when the drywood termites attack structural wood. Spot treatment is carried out only if a particular area, wooden material or furniture gets infested. The treatment types can be adopted according to the place of infestation.

Control methods include whole structure fumigation, spot treatment with insecticides, or spot heat, shock, microwave, and liquid nitrogen treatment. Heat treatments have been used as whole structure treatments.