Wood Borer Control

Wood Borer Control

Our offered range of wood borer control services deliver effective & better way to prevent and protect the damages and loss incurred by the insects and germs. The insects leave their larvae inside the wooden timber which consume dry wood.Several types of wood borer are there which damage the household wooden articles & furniture We are engaged in offering Wood Borer Control Services Treatment, which provides protection from your housh.

Wood borers belong to the family of beetles whose larval or adult forms eat and destroy wood. They are important in the turnover of trees by culling weak trees, thus allowing new growth to occur, but in homes they can cause severe damage to furniture. They are commonly detected a few years after new construction. Wood Borers turn wood into a mass of wood dust. The tiny pin hole in a wooden surface is a symptom of wood borer attack. Wood borer infestations are far more likely to happen in areas with high humidity, such as poorly-ventilated crawl spaces.

Our professionals conduct surveys and inspection of the your housh premises for detecting effect.The problem of wood damage can be overcome by early detection and prevention. BPC technician uses a chemical injection to treat the affected area to reduce the growing stages of pests inside the wood.

Wood Borer Prevention Tips

  • Inspect timber and wood products when selecting, if possible or when delivered to your home for infestation holes.
  • Use wood that has been kiln or air dried to reduce moisture as that is favorable to wood-infesting beetles.
  • Firewood should be debarked, split (to speed drying), and stored away from structures.
  • Reduce moisture inside the home with proper ventilation, drainage and dehumidifiers.
  • Treat unfinished wood with a borate product (solvent based insecticide before sealing) to prevent damage from wood-destroying organisms.
  • Infested branches or limbs of trees outdoors can be turned.